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Triumph Parts Numbering

Triumph Parts Numbering System

Triumph OE part numbers :

Before 1972, Triumph used a letter prefix and from 1972 onwards a number prefix.
The later system has the number prefix followed by four numbers. Most everything in our store follows the later system to avoid all potential confusion. The old numbers are sometimes added to enhance the search function.
e.g. E2879 became 70-2879 and T57 became 57-0057 etc.

These Prefixes are as follows:

14- Remains unchanged
S = 21 - e.g. S207 becomes 21-0207
W = 37 - e.g. W37 becomes 37-0037
T = 57 - e.g. T98 becomes 57-0098
D = 60 - e.g. D4026 becomes 60-4026
D1= 61 - e.g. D16020 becomes 61-6020
E = 70 - e.g. E7869 becomes 70-7869
E1 = 71 - e.g. E11698 becomes 71-1698
F = 82 - e.g. F6042 becomes 82-6042
F1 = 83 - e.g. F16468 becomes 83-6468
H = 97 - e.g. H3904 becomes 97-3904

Most part numbers can be converted to the new format with the above examples; but, as always, there are some exceptions to the rule.
If you are in doubt, please Contact Us.

PS: Part numbers are for reference only and does not imply that parts we supply are OE Triumph manufacture. In fact, three decades after the last Meriden Triumph is made, very small quantities of original NOS parts are left in this world and most everything we have are good quality reproduction parts. We have access to many other parts through various networks in UK, Europe and Australia. Send us a message with what you wish to have and we will do our best to accomodate you.